September 28, 2011

no day but today.

in my photography class we had an assingment this week to photograph an issue we would like awaken people to. after some thinking i decided to avoid today's clichés such as global warming etc. not to say that's not an important issue, clichés are what they are for a reason. anywho, for my subject i chose something that i feel very strongly about (besides global warming) and that's loneliness of the elderly. which in our society that values independence to the point where we abandon the people who need us most, is a really big issue. in Finland, where the suicide rates are over all daunting, people over 65 are the ones who most often take their own lives. and that i find very unsettlind and sad. i have always appreciated the company of my grandparents and my family has always taken care of them. at one point we even lived with my fathers mother, and in Finland, that's quite rare. for these pics i photographed my very dear, not so lonely grandmother.

i hope this post didn't make you too depressed. to make you feel better, call a close elderly in your life and make their day. happy thursday :>!


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