February 12, 2012

The fault is not in our Stars, but in ourselves.

On my last post i got a question about how i made that Galileo Galilei quote to look that way, and cause i'm so bad at explaining things, i thought i'd make a little Photoshop tutorial. i did that Galileo text a little differently than what i usually do when i want to make a text with a pattern/background so i'm gonna show you the both ways to do this.

i amd using Photoshop CS4 to do this, but it should work with older/newer Photoshops too (and i am assuming you know your way around Photoshop at least a little). And the font is The Lobster Font.

1) First open a new blank document any size you want it to be, mine is 700x500 pixels.

2) Take the Horizontal Type Tool and write your text in dark blue.

3) then go to Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow (or just double click the font layer in the layer window). Change the color from black to the same dark blue you have on the font. i used Opacity 30, Distance 0, Spread 35, Size 2. this will give the text nice soft edges.

4) Then copy/paste a picture of stars on the top. i used this one.

5) Set the blending mode on Lighten. then move the layer around to get the stars where you want them to.

6) if you want more stars, then dublicate the layer and move it around, do this as many times as you need to, to get the result you want. as you can see from above, i had 5 dublicate layers.

7) Then flatten the image and save!

and that was how i did the Galileo quote. the easier way is to use a picture as a background, the way i did in the the top headline of this post, and here's how to do that.

1) Open the image you want to use as a background, i'm using one of my own photographs.

2) then go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, and make a white new layer.

3) Then take Horizontal Type Mask Tool, that you can find under the regular Type Tool and write your text just like with the Type Tool

4) Now cause we made the new layer with a New Fill Layer tool it automaticly has a Mask, make sure you have the Mask selected (the right white box in the layer in the Layer window) and then take the Brush Tool and paint with black over the text. Deselect the area and move the layer to find the perfect spot. Flatten the image and there you have it, a font with a photograph background.


  1. @Anonyymi: Toivottavasti oli hyötyä :>!

  2. Jee, kiitos! Mä oon niin käsi photarin kanssa, ja huono lukemaan ohjeita. Koklaan tätä varmasti!

  3. Pahus kun ei ole photaria, mutta olen unelmoinut juuri jostain tuollaisesta. Täytyy katsoa onnistuuko jollain ilmaisella.


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