December 29, 2014

And tell me some things last. (Stu's Year in Music Survey)

i know my blog has been pretty silent this past year. i wanna really get back into blogging, but this past year has been a tough one. but perhaps next year will be different. next year will be better. i wanna start doing things i enjoy, again. but anyway, it's time for the annual Stu's year in music survey! although it was a hard year, musically, it was pretty great. here we go;

2014 music survey;

What song sums up 2013 for you?
Taylor Swift - Clean

What albums did you listen to over and over?
Taylor Swift: 1989
Noah Gundersen: Ledges
Noah Gundersen: Twenty-something
Lorde: Pure Heroine
Troye Sivan: TRXYE
Hopeajärvi: Hopeajärvi
K.Flay: Life as a Dog
Ingrid Michaelson: Lights Out
Josh Ritter: Live at the Iveagh Gardens
Watsky: All You Can Do
OneRepublic: Native
Tom Odell: Long Way Down
The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack
Wish I Was Here soundtrack
Iggy Azalea: The New Classic
Lissie: Cryin' to You

^Taylor Swift

What was the best gig you went to?
i finally saw Bob Dylan! it was such a surreal experience. it was at this big jazz music festival, i was standing on the front row and Dylan was only a few meters away from me. it was a childhood and a grownup dream come true! i also saw Suede and Brett held my hand. also Lissie at a small club during the biggest heath wave was pretty epic.

What songs did you have on repeat?
Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
Taylor Swift - Clean
Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods
Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill
Navigators - Wall of Stone
A Great Big World - Say Something
General Ghost - I Need My People
Watsky - Woah Woah Woah
Watsky - Sarajevo
Lorde - Buzzcut Season
Sufjan Stevens - A Little Lost
Jameston Newton Howard & Jennifer Lawrence - The Hanging Tree
Noah Gundersen - Guardian Angel
Noah Gundersen - Ledges
Foster the People - Fire Escape
Tom Odell - Heal

What was your best musical discovery this year?
probably Hopeajärvi! they are small finnish punk band and they are ridiculous and so good!

What 5 musicians/bands did you listen to the most? says; Josh Ritter, Taylor Swift, Noah Gundersen, Troye Sivan & Amy MacDonald

What was the best CD you bought?
Taylor Swift's 1989!

Did you buy any music DVDs this year?

What are the best lyrics you heard this year?
"Where do we come from? Where do we go?
You could fill up the sea with the things I don't know" - Watsky; Sarajevo

"I want to learn how to love
Not just the feeling
bear all the consequences

And I want to learn how to love,
And give it all back,
And be forgiven for all I've done." - Noah Gundersen; Ledges

Did you stop liking any musicians/bands?
can't really think of any.

Did you learn an instrument this year? If so, did you play any gigs?

What band did you hate this year?
i don't hate them, i just don't care about One Direction at all. i don't understand what's their appeal. i think the music is generic and boring and i really don't find the boys attractive at all (i mean sure i can see that they are a bunch of beautiful boys/men but they do nothing for me...)

Did you have a musical guilty pleasure this year?
i still don't believe in 'guilty pleasures', i don't feel guilt over the things i like, but i have to say Iggy Azalea. i'm all for women being successful, especially in a male dominated genre, but her fake black accent is a bit questionable. yet i still like her music and she is one of those women who has worked really hard to be where she is now. and i definitely respect that.

^Iggy Azalea

What was the worst song of the year?
that Selfie song, i don't even know the name or whose song it is. it's just bad.

What was the coolest music video you saw this year?
Taylor Swift's Blank Space! it is hilarious.

Did you watch Idol/the arias/grammys/mtv awards?

What was the worst musical comeback of the past year?
can't think of any.

What was the best musical comeback of the year?
Suede! well, i know they kind of had their comeback last year with the new album, but i was them live this year so i feel like it really happened in 2014. it totally counts, right?!

Who were your favourite female vocalists?
Taylor Swift

Who were your favourite male vocalists?
Josh Ritter & Noah Gundersen

^Tom Odell

What radio station did you listen to most?
none, really.

What was the biggest band you saw this year?
Bob Dylan

If you have one, how often did you listen your iPod/mp3 player this year?
all the time from my phone.

What was your favourite soundtrack to a film this year?
The Fault in Our Stars

What was your favourite music themed film you saw this year?
If I Stay, i mean, music was a big part of the film.

What was the best local band you heard/saw this year?

Did you meet any famous musicians?
not this year.

Did you put up any music posters around your room/house?
Taylor Swift's deluxe version of 1989 came with 13 polaroids, i scattered them around my apartment.

Totalled, how much do you think you spent on music this year (cds, merch, tickets, etc)?
about 300€ in tickets and 40€ for cd's, so around 340€.

What type of music did you find yourself listening to most this year?
pop and folk&country, as always,

Best song to be happy to you listened to this year?
all of 1989!

Best song to be sad to you listened to this year?
Noah Gundersen's Guardian Angel

Band/singer with the best style this year?
Taylor Swift! also Lissie.

What shows are you looking forward to in the new year?
i might go see Taylor Swift during the summer in London. maybe, perhaps. depending on things. like money.


Did you buy any band merchandise this year?

Did you miss out on going to any really good concerts this year?
i wanted to go see Watsky on his European tour, but then someone stole my bike and i needed to buy a new one and that was pretty much all of the money i'd saved to travel to see watsky.

What was the last gig you went to?
Vesa-Matti Loiri's Christmas concert. it was lovely.

How many songs are on your computer/itunes?
i don't know cause i mostly just use Spotify.

What are you listening to now?
Josh Ritter - The Curse Live at Iveagh Gardens


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