October 13, 2010

23 and still growing up now.

today is my 23rd Birthday. happy birthday to me! well, 23 isn't anything special, unless you're a Lost fan (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42!).. but anyway, here's a little birthday blogpost, for me, on my birthday, when i'm not doing anything special.. tho i hear Lady Gaga is in town, so if anyone has an extra ticket to her sold out show, i wont say no.

this is me, exactly 23 years old. with too long bangs.

well, even tho i'm not really celebrating today, doesn't mean i didn't already have small party with few friends. and doesn't mean i didn't get any awesome presents. like this book and dvd from my dear friend Silja. what i like about getting presents is that they truly show you how well your friends know you! the book is from a famous finnish author who writes amazing childrens books with very pretty pictures. Herra Hakkarainen (Mr. Hakkarainen) is this goat who sleep walks a lot! he used to be only a side character in these books, where you could spot him sleep walking on the background, and when i was a kid i absolutely loved him. which means silja remembered me mentioning that. how sweet. and the movie, that's something me and silja have talked about. movies about dogs are always mazing. and this one really made me cry!

things i wanna do before i turn 24.
- move to United Kingdom.
- get a Tattoo.
- Graduate.
- see awesome bands.
- watch the whole Star Trek series, not just the original ones!

why yes my goals are very admirable, and not at all dorky. and the random picture of the globe, well i just bought that globe for 4€, it was a frigging steal! and now i'm off to 'celebrate' my birthday with some Star Trek, me and Spock, we know how to party.


your comments feed my blog, so thanks for the supper! :>