February 15, 2010

nothing gold can stay.

Project 82nd Academy Awards
26 movies in 3 weeks
i'm a fan of movies and award shows, so basically the biggest award event of the year for me is the Academy Awards. i've been following Oscars religiously for years. i remember when i was a kid and mom taped me the whole thing and i ran from school and forbid anyone to tell me the results. well, today, mom's not here to tell me to go to bed, so i just stay up all night and watch the whole thing live. due to the time difference, Oscars air here at 3am-7am or something like that. this year i wanna do something different. there are 58 different movies nominated for different  categories and 33 are what i'd like to see before the Oscars, which is most feature long films, skipping the foreign ones and short films. so, i've already seen 7 of them (well, now 9), which means i have exact 3 weeks to watch 26 movies! so, i yeah, i have some work to do. let the Project 26 movies in 3 weeks begin!
so, i actually started this yeasterday, and now i've shorten my list with 2 movies, gonna watch a 3rd one tonight. the thing i'm gonna do during these 3 weeks is, that i'm gonna tell you little what i think about the movies i've watched. the onces i've watched during this little project i mean. so, the first two were;

The Cove  &  Up

    The Cove, nominated for Best Documentary Feature | Up, nominated for Best Picture, Best Original
                                                                                      Screenplay, Best Animated Feature, Best Original
                                                                                      Score and Best Sound Editing

The Cove is a movie about annual Dolphing killings at Taiji's Natural Park in Japan. It was directed by Louie Psihoyos, a former National Geographic photographer and it follows the most famous former dolphin trainer Ric O´Barry and his request to reveal the dolphin slaughter that's going on in Japan. this is the most influential movie that i have ever seen in my entire life. not just cause what's happening to the dolphins, even tho that broke my heart, but cause, like O'Barry said, if we can't fix this, fix what's happening in that cove, in that little town, then we can forget the bigger issues. if we can't stop this, there's no hope. i really think, this is the one that sould win the Oscar of Best Documentary Feature, even tho i haven't seen any other nominees yet. i just can't imagine any one of them to beat this.
the truth is out. what are you gonna do about it.
Up is computer animated movie by Pixar, so you kind of know what to expect. good entertainment, funny characters and really well made animation. but for some reason, this movie seemed different. it had and actually heart warming story. the movie tells you a story of an old 78-year man, Carl Fredricksen who has just lost his spouse. a long time ago, when they were just kids, Carl made a promise to her future Mrs. Fredricksen, to take her and their Club House to Paradise Falls in South America. they grow old and their dreams never come true. when Ellie, the wife, dies, Carl desperately hang on to all their posessions, their Club House that became their home many years ago. then suddenly he has an crazy idea, to take the house, fry it with balloons to the Pradise Falls. it's a story of an old man, who didn't realize that even tho their childhood dreams didn't come tru, he gave the best life Ellie could ever have wanted. and that letting go, isn't the same as forgetting. i do like Pixar films, but this one was especially heart warming and wonderful. i'm not sure wheter this movie should win an oscar, or not. i've seen 2 movies from the Animated Feature nominees, and i might say, this one's better than Princess and the Frog, but i can't say anything about the other categories. i'll have to wait and see.
South America. It's like America, but south. 


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