January 25, 2010

you do know what you are drinking is meant for eye surgery?

Sherlock Holmes
director: Guy Ritchie
based on characters by Arthur Conan Doyle.

i'm pretty sure we all know who Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson are.. a detective and his loyal companion living in one of the worlds most famous addresses, 221B Baker Street, London, solving crimes. the Master Mind and the not so bright one.. Guy Ritchie's movie is a modern Sherlock-story, where Watson is actually presented as an equal partner and sometimes even smarter than Holmes himself. it still has all the important elements from the traditional stories, but it has an edge. me, i love the old books, and specially the original books by Arthur Conan Doyle, but i'm not a hardcore fan so this movie didn't ruin Sherlock Holmes for me even tho i've heard that the older fans have been kind of shocked by it. to me, it's just an other action movie with familiar characters. it's entertaining, funny movie that doesn't have a boring moment. i'm not sure if it's a kind of movie you wanna see over and over again, but as a first view it really kept me entertained. plus you know, pretty men&women running around in the late 19th century London is always pleasant to watch. go see it if you're not bothered by the fact that it's quite far from the Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes, you like action&sarcastic humour and you're into detective stories.

"My mind rebells at stagnation.
Give me work. Give me problems"  

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