April 18, 2010

get out while you're still young.

just little something that made me happy today

blowing bubbles.


making chicken salad.
decorating my room by putting pretty stuff on my wall.

writing letters, keeping multiple journals & coloring books.

i started my internship this week, i am working as an assistant to a photographer who does mostly potraits, weddings and stuff. it's been pretty fun so far. i like my boss, she's very nice, and a talented photographer. so life's been pretty busy, but nice.

 other things that have made me happy recently:
  • Music! new albums from Olavi Uusivirta, Amy Macdonal and a new discovery Cookies N Beans.
  • april showers aka rain! i've missed it, the sound it makes, the way world smells during and after.
  • The Ark's new album (my all time favorite band) that will be released in a week!
  • friends! hey people in my life, here and far away, people i spent time with, or just know via letters and/or internet, you are made of Awesome .


  1. is it really only a week?? i should really get pre-ordering mine then, shouldn't i?

  2. yes! i'm just gonna buy mine from a store and i hope that i will find a normal cd-version of it.. but i'm pretty sure, or almost sure, it will only be released as that magazine thingy and i kind of wanted both :'D..


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