April 4, 2010

we're always one step behind, he's Brian Eno.

i've been pretty lousy blogger, again. it's been busy spring. i have this 5month long internship thing starting in less than 2 weeks. i'm really excited, i'll be assisting this young photographer, she seems pretty awesome. i also went to London few weeks ago. i'm absolutely love that city and country. i can't wait to go back this fall. i think i spent more money than my 2 months rent! i had to borrow more money from my friend.. but it was worth it, we went to see We Will Rock You musical. absolutely loved it. anyway, here's what i bought;

Where The Wild Things Wre t-shirt, 30£/urban outfitters
Star Trek t-shirt, 12£/HMV
Doctor Who t-shirt, 15£/Forbidden Planet

Doctor Who season 2, 20£/HMV
Doctor Who season 3, 25£/HMV
Blur: No Distance Left To Run DVD, 13£/HMV
Glee: the music - volume 1, 10£/HMV
Glee: the music - volume 2, 10£/HMV

and for creative wise i haven't been done much, but i'm gettig back to swapping again and catching up with my penpalling.. a while ago i made some mazes for swaps.. it was quite fun!
well that's it. i hope that now that spring is finally here, i'll have more energy to do stuff and then i'll have more to blog about. 
oh and i just made a tumbl account today, if you have one feel free to follow me & i will follow you back. i'm dylansdream there.


your comments feed my blog, so thanks for the supper! :>