March 8, 2010


qick post just before oscars. i was gonna make this longer but then i almost missed the oscars cause i was sleeping. in my defence it's 3:20am here and the show hasn't even started. then my tv didn't worked but thank god i knew how to fix it and now everything's fine. actually made me cry and panic a bit.

anyway. i didn't saw all the films i tried to watch before oscars, don't mind really cause i've seen all the Best Picture nominated films and that's the most important to me. and now about the nominees, who i think should win and who i think will win.

Best Picture
should win: an education (but i'f precious, up in the air or a serious man, i'll be just as happy.)
will win: the hurt locker
and if avatar wins i'm disappointed! it was amazibg, but just not that great.

Actor in a Leading Role
should win: jeff bridges
will win: jeff bridges
he was just too great!

Actress in a Leading Role
should win: Gabourey Sidibe
will win: Sandra bullock

Actor in a Supporting Role
should win: stanley tucci
will win:christoph waltz

Actress in a Supporting Role
should win: Mo'Nique
will win: Mo'Nique

should win: up in the air
will win: the hurt locker

yeah this was fast. those are the proces i'm most looking forward. now it has started and i'm gonna watch it.

million hearts for Neil Patrick Harris


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