March 4, 2010

the spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly.

no, i have not forgot about my little Oscar-project, and i know it's lame to say, that i've been too busy to blog, cause that's never really true, so i guess i've been both lazy and both a little busy.. anyway, it's 3 until the Big Day, and i must say, i'm kind of behind my schedule.. but i've still managed to watch 12 movies since last time, so not bad i think.

yeah, i crossed few movies out cause it's just impossible for me to see them.. i don't mind not watching Burma VJ, i don't think nothing's gonna change the fact that i truly believe The Cove should win, and that i think it will win, so i don't mind missing one of the documentaries, but A Single Man seems so amazing, that i know i'm gonna watch it when i can, but just not before the oscars. so, 8 movies left, tonight i'm gonna watch at least one and on saturday i'm going to see Nine with a friend.. so i guess the situation is not that desperate, yet. anywa, on to the movies i've already watched since last time;


Julie&Julia, nominated for Acress in a Leading Role; Meryl Streep.
a very charming, cute movie, but i wonder, it it's nominated just cause Meryl is always amazing, not cause of her work in this movie. cause really, she did a great job, but it wasn't that amazing.. i mean she is always amazing, but i've seen better last year, that weren't nominated. not getting my vote, and still, i repeat myself, Meryl is one of the most talented actors, just that.. this time she was kind of avarage, or maybe it was the  whole movie being kind of average.

The Messenger, nominated for Actor in a Supporting Role; Woody Harrelson, Writing(original screenplay).
what a great movie! i know that The Hurt Locker has created a major oscar buzz, and it was good alright, but The Messenger, was way more touching movie about the war in Iraq. amazing, and Harrelson does an amazing work, but i'm just wondering where's Ben Foster's nomination for the leading role! he was great too you know.
The Lovely Bones, nominated for Actor in a Supporting Role; Stanley Tucci.
i had such high hopes for this movie, i'm not saying it failed all of them, but a bit it did. i guess the fact that it had king of low age limit, that some of the things that were kind of important in the book, where left out.. you can still think they happened but they're not implying so in the movie in any ways. anyway, movie was still quite lovley, and Stanley Tucci was amazing! it was so weird to watch this first, then watch Julie&Julia where Tucci plays Julia's dearing husband, he really is talented.

Fantastic Mr. Fox, nominated for Animated Feature Film, Music(best original score).
one of the best animated movies i've seen in my entire life, and that includes all the amazing Disney movies i've seen like 100 times. oh my god, how funny was this! i guess, one of the reasons i loved it so much was the fact that i grew up with my BFF Roald Dahl and his awesomely funny, dar, sarcastic stories. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, still one of my favorite book. and of course i've read Fantastic Mr. Fox too. this should win! definitely, and you should all go and see it, too funny to be true, really. should be nominated for a Best Picture too. way better than Up was.

Food Inc, nominated for Documentary Feature.
so yeah, i think The Cove should, and that it will, win, but it doesn't make this documentary bad. it was quite good actually. i like how it had like subtitles and it was kind of like a puzzle of what we eat and how it's made. it really made me think of how i eat. it's not like i did any major changes, but i really haven't felt like eating a hamburger after i watched the movie, speacilly at the certain Golden M place.. but i guess they're all that bad.. funny thing, i really don't even like hamburgers, so i kind of hope this whole no fast food places thing sticks with me. and again, i recommend that you watch this. it's an important movie.

Avatar, nominated for Art Direction, Cinematography, Directing, Film Editing, Music(original score), Best Picture, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects.
there are many awards Avatar really deserves, it was visually a perfect film. specially in 3D, just amazing. but what it doesn't deserve is the award from Best Picture, why, cause almost all it was, was a very beautiful movie, with kind of dull plot, and naive dialog! it was good, i'm not saying that, but, movie that should win Best Picture, should be more than just good looking movie. that's not what truly Great movies are made of, best movies have Soul, they make you think, grow and change who you are. maybe not like in the second, but as a huge movie freak that i am, i can say that many movies have truly impacted my life, and Best PIcture should go to a movie that has a meaning, that has a Soul, that makes a difference.

An Education, nominated for Actress in a Leading Role; Carey Mulligan, Best Picture, Writing(adapted screenplay).
unlike Avatar, An Education, is a movie with soul. it might not be visually amazing and interesting all the time, but it has interesting characters played by very talented actors. it has a simple, yet intersting story. something you can relate to, and it's a movie that  might not seem special, what's that special about girl falling for an older guy and throwing her education away.. but after you've watched, you can't be nothing but just amazed. Carey Mulligan does such an amazing work, it the oscar goes for her, i won't be sad at all.

Precious, nominated for Actress in a Leading Role; Gabourey Sidibe, Actress in a Supporting Role; Mo'Nique, Directing, Film Editing, Best Picture, Writing(adapted screenplay).
this movie definitely has the most talented actors of last year. both of these women deserve their oscars, and i really hope at least one of them wins. Precious is a very important movie. it's amazing how such a dark movie, can still make you feel so good. it's like SLumdog Millionaire all over again, tho it's even darker. it's a movie about being Precious, no matter who you are, how you look, or how people who are supposed to love you treat you, you are still amazing the way you are, and in this world, there are people who will Love you the way you are, you just have to find those people. this movie could win the Best Picture and i would cry happy tears.

The Hurt Locker, nominated for Actor in a Leading Role; Jeremy Renner, Cinematography, Directing, Film Editing, Music(original score), Best Picture, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Writing(original screeplay).
there are always movies that create that major oscar buzz, this year it's Avatar & The Hurt Locker. probably cause they've been nominated for most of the categories. but still, i think, neither of them deserves the most important award, which is Best Picture. The Hurt Locker was a good action movie, but it seemed unrealistic, and it was more about the thrill and action, than the true story about the bomb defusers in Iraq. i believe there's a real, important story there, that just wasn't told in the movie. yet i believe it has high changes of winning, Americans like movies about their wars, specially where they're men are presented as heroes, not that i don't have respect for soldiers, i do, just that, i don't believe the truth is like this.

Up in the Air, nominated for Actor in a Leading Role; George Clooney, Actress in a Supporting Role; Vera Farmiga&Anna Kedrick, Directing, Best Picture, Writing(adapted screenplay).
with Juno & Thank You For Smoking, Ryan Bingham has become one of the interesting directors of our time. as Juno was this very witty charming comedy, Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air are much more alike, and they share this ironic, sarcastic humor, that we did see in Juno too, but it was slightly differet. Up in the Air is one of the funnies movies last year. It has this clever humor, that not all people enjoy, but i certainly do. it's a smart movie, interesting, and with unsual story with some very unusual but still so realistic characters.

Crazy Heart, nominated for Actor in a Leading Role; Jeff Bridges, Actress in a Supporting Role; Maggie Gyllenhaal, Music(original song).
this was absolutely one of the best movies of all these 12! and i'm sad it's not nominated for Best Picture.. i guess i loved it so much, cause my heart belongs to Country Music, plus any music related movie always interests me. Jeff Bridges deserves the oscar, he and no one else. amazing. Maggie Gyllenhaal was amazing too. this movie just, melted my hear. and the music, oh the music, best soundtrack for a very long time.

A Serious Man, nominated for Best Picture, Writing(original screenplay).
i'm not much of a Coen fan, those guys know what they're doing, i've just never really been that into them. but A Serious Man, is one of the funnies movies last year, too. i like Coen's humor, i've always liked it, but this movie was too friggin hilarious. specially the ending, the ending was just perfect. made me scream to the screel like a maniac.. with my mom in the same room, thinkin i've gone crazy. so yeah..

that's it.. i know this was kind of lame, me ranting about movies not really saying anything, but oh well, if it bored you should have stopped reading a long time ago :D! oh, and if you're into oscars, i'd really like to know what are your opinnions about the nominations. that's it this time. bye.


  1. Pitää kyllä kattoo toi A Serious Man, meinasin jo mennä kattoo sen leffaanki!

  2. I am a country music lover too! (John Denver, Sugarland, Faith Hill & a dozen other artists really!) and I did not know music played an important part on the Crazy Heart movie. With Jeff Bridges winning the Oscar and Maggie being one of my fave actresses I hope I will be able to watch it soon (still not released in Spain, boo :( (.
    Lovely blog, by the way.


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