April 22, 2010

just dry your eyes and i'll be there. don't live for anger or despair. don't worry, i'm okay now.

from my tumblr.

one of my favorite bloggers, Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon did this so, i thought i'd steal it from her.

Three names I go by:
&& Satu
&& Stu
&& Turku

Three jobs I've had:
&& manufacturer
&& cleaner
&& assistant to a photographer (internship)

Three places I've lived:
&& Turku, Finland
&& Nousiainen, Finland
&& Helsinki, Finland

Three favourite drinks:
&& chocolate milk
&& milk
&& cherry tea

Three TV shows I watch:
&& Doctor Who
&& Glee
&& Lost

Three places I've been:
&& Muhu, Estonia
&& Malmö, Sweden
&& London, UK

Three places I'd like to visit:
&& Nashville, Tennessee, USA
&& New York, New York, USA
&& Paris, France

Three favourite old TV shows:
&& Star Trek
&& Friends
&& Queer as Folk (UK)

Three favourite dishes:
&& Potatoes!
&& Muffins
&& Pizza

Three make-up products I cannot live without:
&& foundtaion
&& powder
&& mascara

Three things I'm looking forward to:
&& The Ark's gigs in this Summer.
&& having a long vacation this Fall.
&& 4th of May, cause i get some money that day.

Three superpowers I wish I had:
&& Time Travel!
&& Rain dance
&& Teleporting

Three places I love to shop:
&& Anttila (for cd's & dvd's)
&& Rajala (camera stuff if i was super rich)
&& City Market (for fooooood)

Three pets I've had and their names:
&& Junior the guineapig
&& Cat the cat
&& Lara the Dog

Three bands I'd want to see on a festival line-up:
&& The Ark
&& Bob Dylan
&& Cat Power

Three favourite comfort foods:
&& chocolate
&& muffins
&& candy

Three songs currently on rotation:
&& Spark by Amy Macdonald
&& Nukketalo Palaa by Olavi Uusivirta
&& Kings & Queens by Cookies N Beans

Three people I'm tagging:
&& You
&& You
&& You!


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