May 31, 2011

i see Dylan Thomas in your face.

i moved last weekend, from my cosy dorm, back to my parents place. everything's a mess, except my table area. at some point i hope to share my finished room with you.
this week i will graduate and become unemployed media assistant. also, few weeks ago, i made quite big, life altering decision, to not go to Farnham to study. i will have a gap year, travel, work on my portfolio and next year ai will apply to Scotland, possibly somewhere else in Europe too, maybe. but at least Scotland. i feel good about my decision, but also a bit scared. i have no real plans whatsoever. except to go visit my roommate in Reykjavik, she's moving there for 6 months. i also really wanna go to US, maybe to New York or Nashville, or both. but we'll see. anyway, just a little update on what i'm doing at the moment. hope to blog more during this summer. take care.

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