May 24, 2011

it's getting dark, too dark to see.

Exactly today, 70 years ago, a boy named Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in the State of Minnesota. who we all know as Bob Dylan. the amazing writer, musician, Legend,who is one of my biggest inspirations. Dylan is the man of words, the one true Poet, and so, i decided to celebrate this beautiful day, by writing him a little something. i wish you all Happy Bob Dylan's 70th birthday!

you sang ”hey hey Woody Guthrie, i wrote you a song.
but Bob, oh Bob i wrote you a poem
though it’s not like i’m good with words, like you
but i guess that doesn’t say much, cause no-one writes like you do
what i’m tryin to say with these words of mine
is that you’re the coolest person i’ve ever known and you don’t even have to try
we all get older, you just get better
in a way this is also a love letter
i’m guessing you get this all the time
but you really have changed the life of mine
and before i let you go on your way
i just really wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!


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