September 1, 2011

and the worst part is, before it gets any better, we're headed for a cliff.

in a song called Strange Things Will Happen by The Radio Dept. they sing Autumn comes with these slight surprises where your life might twist and turn. and i think that describes perfectly my love for it, how it always feels like a new start, how it feels like amazing things, strange things, could happen. autumn feels rather different this year. maybe cause i'm not living in Helsinki anymore, or maybe cause i'm not a student, and i'm sort of in between things, between two different chapters of my life. this year i'm focusing on mostly, just enjoying life, finding what next year will be, where it will be. this year is gonna be a full of days that seem pointless, but in those days i might find something new. this autumn especially, is time of new beginnings and experiences. i recently bought plane tickets to Reykjavik, where i'll be heading on October the 28th. to visit a very dear friend of mine. that will be the furthest i've ever travelled so far. in this month, i'm getting ready to say Good Bye to the one thing that has shaped my life more than anything, my favorite band The Ark. on 14th me & a group of friends are gonna sail to Stockholm and have a little adventure there, as well as see the band for the very last time (until a comeback maybe, please!). so, with all these things coming, what's a little more change. i've been dying my hair blond, god knows for how long, i think since 2006, at least, but now i decided to go a 'little' darker and shorter. and i'm really happy with my new hair, tho the bangs could be a little longer, but in my experience, they tend to grow maybe even a bit too fast.

as a person who loves making lists, i just had to make one about autumn, all the things that Love about it. maybe there's something you enjoy too, especially you people, who find it hard to let go of summer. also, i'd love to hear the things you love about this Season of colors and cold and rain! Enjoy your September.


your comments feed my blog, so thanks for the supper! :>