March 15, 2013

i guess it all adds up to joy to the end. (book haul #2)

i often hear that i buy too many books, but one can never have too many books! if you run out of room you don't stop buing books, you move! these are the books i've bought in February/March, and even tho i am running out of room i refuse to stop growing my personal library. there aren't a lot of things i'd rather do than read. from this pile i've already read six books if you count The Great Gatsby's which i collect and have read more than once. some people love shoes (i'm not one of those people, i have like three pairs) and well, i love books!

i absolutely love what Penguin has done with the classics, especially everything Coraline Bickford-Smith has designed. you can check them out here. damn i need all those F. Scott Fitzgeralds.

ave you bought or read any good books lately? also i will review all the books i've read this year at some point. promise. happy weekend everybody!


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