March 24, 2013

but now the snow is gone. (music for spring)

well, the snow here in finland isn't exactly gone yet, but the days are longer and the sun is shining. to me that's spring, no matter how cold it might still be. last fall i shared songs from my autumn playlist so i thought i'd do the same thing with songs that are lighting up my spring this year.

1. Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids | Spotify | Youtube
2. Daylight by Matt & Kim | Spotify | Youtube
3. Everybody Hurts by Markus Krunegård | Spotify | Youtube
4. Snow is Gone by Josh Ritter | Spotify | Youtube
5. Still Into You by Paramore | Spotify| Youtube
6. It's a Beautiful Day by Michael Bublé | Spotify | Youtube
7. Anchor by Meghan Tonjes | Spotify | Youtube
8. No Freedom by Dido | Spotify | Youtube
9. Young And Lovely Live @ Hyde Park by Blur | Spotify | Youtube
10. Silly Boy by The Blue Van | Spotify | Youtube
11. Sloppy Seconds by Watsky | Spotify | Youtube
you can also listen to these and many other songs at my Winter's over, be my Darling playlist at spotify!


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