April 19, 2013

gonna let it happen. (Tilt-shift effect tutorial for Photoshop)

Tilt-shift effect seems to be really popular right now and apps like Instagram have an easy way of applying it to your photos and a lot of compact cameras have added a tilt-shift effect to their art filters. Even the new Photoshop CS6 has a quick tool for thilt-shift effect. But it's actually very simple to do it an older Photoshop version too, so i thought i'd show you how.

This tutorial was made with Photoshop CS4, but i assume it works with older versions too, maybe. Also, i once again assume you know your way around Photoshop, at least a little. But if you need help, or my instructions weren't clear enough, leave a comment and i'll see what i can do to help.

And there it is, a photo with tilt-shift effect. often pictures like that are bright and a bit over staurated, so an easy way to do that is to use curves and/or hue/saturation tool and pump up the saturation a little bit.

i hope this was helpful. (and at least i made a post that wasn't about books. tho a new book haul possibly coming soon!)


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