March 12, 2012

why am i the one always packing up my stuff.

11 Things
i've seen this meme going around, and even tho i don't usually do these type of things, this seemed like fun. lovely Bianca tagged everyone who wants to do it. and i'm gonna do the same, so if you feel like it, feel free to join!

The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

My 11 Things:
1. i stress easily, yet i think i'm pretty laid back.
2. i was in my 20's the first time i saw the original Star Wars movies, i still haven't seen all the new ones, and now i'm a fan of the original ones.
3. my first trip abroad was in 2002, when i was 14. i spent a month in Brighton at summer school, studying English. i attended the course alone (meaning, i didn't know anyone there).
4. i have a very vivid memory from my childhood, in which i'm sitting in the backseat of our car, falling asleep and Bob Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man is playing. i always listen to that song when i can't sleep.
5. i'm turning 25 this year, and i'm wondering when will life be all figured out, never i guess.
6. i have a book addiction. i buy around 2-5 books a month.
7. if i'd have the smarts for it, i think i'd want to be an astrophysicist or an astronomer.
8. autumn's my favorite season, but i like them all. i love the feeling that you get when the season is just about to change.
9. i have a major baby fever cause my sister is due in less than two months, but i'm not sure if i ever want kids of my own.
10. i'm gonna see two of my favorite bands from the 90's this summer, Pulp and Blur, and i'm super excited.
11. one day i will backpack around the world by myself.

Bianca's questions:
1. Name five celebrities you'd invite to a dinner party.
Bob Dylan (cause he's the closest thing to God that i believe in), Neil Patrick Harris (he does macig!), Amber Tamblyn (i wish i was as cool as she), John Green (i'd discuss The Great Gatsby with him), Zachary Quinto (cause i think i'm in Love with him).
2. What what was your dream job as a kid and what is your dream job now?
i wanted either to move to lapland to breed reindeer, become a news anchor or a theacher. nowadays i'm not always sure, i'd love to be a photographer, librarian, a writer or a translator.
3. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
i bought a pair of white Converse shoes for myself today.
4. Who are your celebrity 'dad-crushes'?
Phil Dunphy from Modern Family! okay he's a tv-character, but still. he is awesome. i'm never sure wheter i wish he was my dad or my future husband (okay that sounds creepy....).
5. What is your favourite item from your wardrobe?
my t-shirts, especially Sherlock, Where The Wild Things Are, and Doctor Who ones.
6. What are your 3 favourite blogs at the moment?
We Live Young, SF Girl by Bay & Goodnight Little Spoon.
7. What is an event/era you'd time travel to if you could (past or future)?
i have to admit, this is the kind of stuff i spend a lot of time thinking about. i'd like to experience one of Bob Dylan's earlier shows. but also, i'd like to travel to the future, somewhere when we know a lot more about Space, maybe we've made our first contact with an other civilisation.
8. What are your favourite pizza toppings?
Cheese! all kinds of cheese. sometimes the pizza doesn't even need anything else than a good tomatoe sauce and some cheese.
9. What is your favourite fictional couple?
Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters from the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
10. What is one place you'd take someone visiting the town you live in?
there's absolutely nothing here where i live. our neighbors have cows, maybe i'd take them to see some cows.
11. What are you going to go do now?
i'm going to buy some food for work and then i'm gonna come back home and watch the new episode of Shameless US.

Questions for You:
1. Favorite season and why?
2. The best show/gig you've ever been to?

3. Countries you've visited?
4. Favorite fictional character?
5. Seven movies you could recommend to anyone?
6. Three goals you have for the next few years?
7. If you could get any job in the world, assuming you would magically know how to do it too, what would it be?
8. How was your day today?
9. What did you do on your last vacation?
10. Five cities you could see yourself living in?
11. Favorite type of transportation?


  1. Oh, i can totally relate with #5, I'm turning 25 this year as well and feel the same way. Great blog!


  2. @charley i think it's sort of nice that we never really figure things out, or i believe we don't. that's a sham people just try to convince to other people, and maybe to themselves too, but it's amazing how we constantly change and grow.

    thanks! i like your blog too :>!



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