July 24, 2012

my life gets kind of boring, need something that i can confess.

+ i can't believe it's almost August or that my last post was made in May! sorry about that.
+ i've read a lot; Fahrenheit 451, The Great Gatsby (again), Paper Towns, graphic novels, SFX...
+ saw The Amazing Spider-man and thought it was very entertaining and Andrew & Emma are adorable.
+ saw Pulp and Flogging Molly and some finnish bands at Ruisrock. the Pulp show was amazing and a dream come true (and i was on the first row!)
+ watched my sister get married to a wonderful man she's been in love with since they were 16!
+ their little daughter got the name Janni Maria, and she is now almost three months old.
+ spent some time with them at a summer cottage.
+ i didn't get into the University, but i'm gonna try again next year.
+ i'm excited about Autumn and stuff.

how's your summer been?! i'm sorry about the random unexpected hiatus, it was a hell of a spring and i felt like i had nothing to give. but i'm back!


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