May 28, 2012

if best is for the best then best is unkind.

what i've been up to;

1. Spending time with the Baby.
2. Spending more time with the Baby.
3. Sleeping late.
4. Eating strawberries!
5. Enjoying summer eavening when sun still shines even tho it's past 10pm.
6. Reading some John Green!

+ i shot a wedding, it was amazing and beautiful and now i'm busy editing the photos.
+ i'm helping my sister with her wedding plans! and planning her bachelorette party.
+ watching way too much old Vlogbrothers videos.

also if you want to you can follow me on Instagram, i'll promise to follow you back (i'm addicted, i need more people to follow!).


  1. This post has books, babies and strawberries. I am officially in love.


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