May 20, 2012

i like to think i can cheat it all, to make up for the times i've been cheated on.

for the past two weeks my life has contained a ridicilous amount of studying and not much else, maybe some Six Feet Under rewatching and lots of tea. i'm applying to University of Turku to study English and how it works is, that you have to do this one big test and pass it in order to get in. of course, even if you do pass it, there are so many applicants that you might still not get in. so the stress levels are high and studying is the only answer to have the chances to do well. and i've been reading like never before, my whole brain hurts. so i think it's safe to say, i've done my best, and what ever the outcome, i'm rather proud.

the test is in two days so i will stay silent for those remaining days, at least. but there are other exciting news too, my sister gave birth to a little baby girl on May 12th! sadly i haven't had too much time to get to know her, so my guess is, the minute i'm finished with my exam, i'll run there and hold her forever. also, take better photos, this one was taken with my phone, so sorry for the bad quality.

take care and wish me luck!


  1. oh my that first picture is like the most beautiful pile of studying books I have everr seen! And I also have that same Gummerus dictionary tehe.
    I promise to keep my thumbs up for you girl!

  2. i hope your test went well. and that now you're cuddling with that baby nonstop.

    ps. happy birthday dylan!


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