May 6, 2012

i see Dylan Thomas in your face.

every person who has the habit of reading quite a bit has, or at least should have, their perfect place to read. a place that feels comfortable and their own and allows their mind to wander to far off places. my favorite place to read has always been my bed, i know some people say ones bed should only be for sleeping or love making, but i've never had room enough to have a nice big reading chair that i've dreamed of, so i read in my bed. maybe that's why i like to make it as cozy as possbile (that and the fact that i Love sleeping) and surround it with things i love.

i have a teenage-like habit of covering my walls with stuff, as a teenager it used to be pictures of bands or celebrities, now it's more about memories and gifts. like the deer plate that i 'stole' from my dad. i remember it vividly from my childhood home. or the brown silly little creature on the far right, it's a rat, if you couldn't tell, that my niece made for me.

i originally intended to make a nice collage kind of thing from these pictures, but cause i spend so much time sitting on my bed, leaning on the all, it wouldn't have been very practical. i love mismatched things, here i've used both old frames and new ones from ikea. i wanted to also put a The Great Gatsby quote (So we beat on, boats agains the current, borne back ceaslessly into the past.) underneath the pictures but my printer didn't want to cooperate with me.

and the book that i'm currently enjoying is Selected poems by Charles Bukowski.

What's  your favorite place to read?


  1. Ooo. I think right now my favorite place to read is on my couch, but I also want to find a nice place outdoors for good weather. I am growing quite partial to the reservoir down the road on nice days, and I'll bet if I made my bed more (and opened the shades) then my bed/bedroom would become my favorite spot.

    Your bedroom is so cute, and I wish your printer had cooperated because that's a fantastic Gatsby quote (a fantastic book!).
    Also, Bukowski is fantastic. :)


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