May 5, 2012

all that love, all those mistakes, what else can a poor man make.

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess Blog recently shared a very amazing photography tutorial she learned from her friend Sara of Arrow and Apple photography. It's a free-lensing technique that allows you to create tilt-shift effects with your regular lens. You can find the tutorial here. like Elsie said, it's quite hard, but really fun. today i noticed that one of our apple trees is just about to bloom, and i picked my camera and went outside to try this new technique. here are few of the shots i took, and yeah, it was a lot harder than i expected, but i'm definitely gonna practice it more.

ohter blog posts i've been enjoying lately:
Beautiful instagram shots by Annette Pehrsson.
+ Kristina's walk to the supermarket makes me wanna move somewhere with mountains, at Kris Atomic.
+ Adorable chicks James got for her family to raise, at Bleubird.
+ Sonya went to see cows that were let out for the nice weather, quite awesome! at Brighid's House.
+ Bianca's 25 uses for tin cans, at Goodnight Little Spoon.
+ Brad & Ashley's beautiful bedroom, at Against the Woodgrain.

plus few other awesome things:
+ The Lizzie Bennet Diaries webseries, a modern take on Pride & Prejudice in a form of vlogs.
+ Bob Dylan receiving Nation's Highest Honour.
+ Star Wars Day, that is/was today/yeasterday, depending on your time zone, May The Fourth be with you!


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