August 22, 2012

sure as the setting sun, you can’t trust just anyone.

a quote from Ze Frank's newest video On Leaving got me thinking about leaving, and staying, and the things that make you stay, even when you want to leave, especially, when you know that one day, you will. here's some things that make me happy that i have an other year right here, at home.

My room at home. it's my favorite place in the world. (i bought that cool world map just recently from Papershop.)

I get to celebrate the birthdays of my family and friends. and bake cakes for them.

Having pets to always keep you company ♥.

And all the little things that make this place home.

so the story behind me wondering and getting all deep about leaving and staying and stuff is this, like i briefly mentioned already, i applied to the local University but didn't get in. but what i don't think i've said here is that i also applied to a university in Edinburgh and i got in. but i decided to defer my entry until fall 2013 and try one more time to get to the universities here. staying is harder than leaving, sometimes. i don't know where i'm going to be next year this time, what i want to be doing, but right now, here is good.


  1. such a great quote! :) you take amazingly cute pictures! that cake is adorableeee!

  2. polaroids and globes? you're my friend, stu! :-)
    btw we're hosting a giveaway on our blog this week - join if you're interested ;-)

  3. The Perfect Pear: aww thank you :>.

    chestnutmocha: polaroids and globes are my obsession. i'm running out of room :>! thanks for thelling me about the giveaway, i'll check it out!

  4. i was looking throught your pictures again and again.. so pretty! actually I even decided to load a new film roll into a camera that we thrifted this weekend and go shoot outside. you inspired me :-)
    PS: wishing you good luck with your schools! I hope you get in into the one you really want and you don't have to leave your room. I understand that. I left my room this summer and it feels so strange..


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