November 26, 2012

so this is christmas.

well, it's almost beginning to look a lot like Christmas since we're expecting some snow by the end of the week, but right now it's very dark. anyway, Chritmas is my favorite time of the year and who can believe it's already here again! this year i'm planning to turn my blog into a sort of an advent calendar, so there will be new christmas related post everyday until 24th of December when here in Finland we start our Christmas celebration. so stay tuned and have a happy December!


  1. We don't have any real snow in the forecast yet for here. I'm getting impatient for it, though. I mostly enjoy it because everyone else here doesn't (which doesn't make sense to me - why do they live here or go to school here if they don't like half the weather?), but it's also just nice to watch snow fall while drinking something hot and sitting on the couch.

    I'm looking forward to this little blog advent calendar. I think that's really creative, so I'm interested to see how it comes out. :)


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