January 13, 2013

that's the way i remember her best. (book haul)

i got some great classics for Christmas with such beautiful covers. i am currently reading Pride & Prejudice and this edition is just simply beautiful, it was published by Barnes & Noble. and i think the cover of Around the World in 80 Days is just stunning. the edition of Dracula that i got is from Penguin English Library which i absolutely love. classics in paperback with beautiful covers! i'm a fan of hard covers, but my wallet likes paperbacks more, so i love when they come in these pretty editions.

then of course i had to check out the sales and buy some more books. few classics, a biography of Virginia Woolf and some YA. i have challenged myself to read 40 books this year, last year i challenged myself to read 20 books and i read 24. i also want to read more classics this year and i have decided to tackle three big ones, James Joyce's Ulysses being one of them (the others are Moby Dick and Les Misérables). i collect editions of The Great Gatsby, cause it's my favorite, and i didn't have this one so i had to buy it. also, i love me some YA, i already read both If I Stay by Gayle Forman and With Or Without You by Brian Farrey and loved them. reviews coming soon.

what book(s) are you currently reading? did you make any reading related new years resolutions?
and if anyone wants to become friends at Goodreads, that'd be nice!


  1. Ohhh, man those covers are beautiful! And I love that you collect editions of The Great Gatsby, simply because I've thought about doing that with a few different books, but could never settle on just one.

    Currently? I'm rereading all of Harry Potter, then I'm probably going to reread all of John Green (except Abundance of Katherines because I don't have that one yet). Then I'll work on some others I recently bought. Also, I really need to use Goodreads more. I have an account but just never use it, it seems.

  2. @Sonya: i like my books pretty. okay, who am i kidding, i like books no matter what shape or form, but i'm really fond of pretty books :>.

    i also thought of 'collecting' TFiOS, not that there are too many different editions, but i almost bought the silver Barnes&Noble one but then the shipping was going to be way too expensive.

    i didn't really use goodreads that much either when i first got one, then when i decided to really read more i made a new one and now i'm a bit addicted. it's a problem, my to read list is getting longer and longer which means my to buy list is also getting longer which means i buy books way too often. i'm running out of room.


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