January 14, 2013

but it's not like that anymore. (The Road to Oscars 2013)

The Award season is upon us! ever since i saw John Hughes' The Breakfast Club when i was around 8 years old i've been obsessed about movies. i remember being little and taping the Oscars because i wasn't allowed to stay up all night and watch it (cause of the time difference it airs here around 3am until 6am) and i can't remember a year when i haven't watched at least some of the show, recorded or live. i used to care about the awards much more than i do now, it used to be almost a matter of life or death, the highest honor a movie could get. i've sort of gotten over that as i've grown older, i understand the politics more now and appreciate many of the movies that will never get represented in the Academy Awards.

but i do still enjoy this season, the beginning of the year when we look back at the previous year and the amazing stories that were shared with us. i probably watch more movies during the first months of the year than i do in any other time (and i watch a lot of movies throughout the year) and i love that. i get so excited when all the award shows announce their nominees because then i get to make a list (i love making lists) of movies that i need to see. it's always a long one and i never get through it in time, but it's fun and it makes me watch movies that i might not watch where they not nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe or BAFTA or Spirit Awards. because of the Award shows i have fallen in love with Documentaries, which for past three years has been my favorite category, and this year isn't about to disappoint me either.

i started the long list of movies to watch with The Invisible War (nominated for Best Documentary), an amazing and important movie about the epidemic of rape of soldiers within the US military. the women in this movies are so brave and i think everyone should watch it. i've also had the pleasure to fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence, again, in the movie Silver Linings Playbook. a few years back Jennifer was in a movie called The Winter's Bone (one of the best movies i've ever seen) which i knew to watch because of the Oscar nominations it got, and ever since i've been following JLaw's career, because everything she touches turns to gold. another wondeful movie, nominated for Best Actress (wonderful Naomi Watts) is The Impossible, which touched me in a personal level, a movie that had me crying before the story even started.

so once again i will be enjoying movies that will touch me, make me think and maybe even shape the person who i am, like The Breakfast Club did so many years ago. i hope to watch all the movies you see in the picture above (and once again, i will probably fail) and hopefully i'll have a little time between the movie watching, to share with you my thoughts on the movies and who i think should win.


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