January 19, 2013

we belong here, we belong here. (creative stuff)

i made pretty vague new years 'resolutions', so this is not one, but i still want to make more stuff. above are some of the very few things i did last year. i used to paint and keep a creative journal and do my Wreck This Journal a lot more but now i almost never do. and i want to do more, it's fun and it just makes me happy.

few days ago i watched John & Hank Green perform at Carnegie Hall in an event called An Evening of Awesome (it's long, like two and half hours but it's awesome, i recommend you to watch it. i cired like the whole way through). one of the special guests there was Neil Gaiman and he said something about writing that i think applies to everything we ever aspire to do.
Finish things and get on with the next one. You’ll learn more from a glorious failure than from something you’ve never finished.
 so i want to do more stuff. and also finish them. like my NaNoWriMo, i'm not sure if i ever mentioned it but i did become NaNo-winner, reached little over 50 000 words and i was just so surprised and happy. it was my first year after all. but the thing is, my novel is still yet to be finished, i think i'm about half way through, maybe a little more, so i really want to get on with it and finish it this year, preferably before it's time to start planning this years novel.

so, maybe, hopefully you will see some more creative stuff here this year. and maybe some you have also felt stuck (i guess we all do) with your creative aspirations so here are some awesome creative people to inspire you:

Rocketrictic's Tumblr - she makes awesome paintings with quatations.
Neil Gaiman's Tumblr - well, it's Neil Gaiman!
Sierra Demulder's Tumblr - one of most amazing poets of our time.
Kyle Thompson's Flickr - a talented young photographer.
Laraine's YouTube - my new favorite YouTuber.

now, go make stuff!


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