February 24, 2013

Do you hear the people sing? (The Road to Oscars 2013)

it is The Oscar night, and i have to say i did not watch all the movies i hoped to but i got the chance to see 8 of the 18 so i guess that's something. but i'm sure that even if i had seen all of them Les Misérables would still be my favorite, so while i'll be rooting for it i have the feeling that Argo or Lincoln will win the Best Picture. but it's okay, cause in my heart Les Mis will be the winner, no matter what. i saw it last friday on its premiere night (yes, we are that late here in finland) and i just can't stop thinking about it. i need to go see it again. it was perfection.

other movies i really enjoyed were Zero Dark Thirty and Life of Pi. i honestly didn't think i would like Zero Dark Thirty that much, but i'm weak for strong female characters whose stories are not defined by their romantic relationships. Jessica Chastain was brilliant in this movie. Life of Pi was a movie i knew i was going to love, i've read the book years ago and love the story, i just didn't expect it to be that amazing. it is one of the visually most stunning movies i've ever seen.

also i got a bit addicted to making these moving 'posters' and i was going to make one for each movie but oh time flies when you're sick. yes, i'm still sick, or again, depending how you think of it. getting better tho, but there's one reason why i only watched so few movies or haven't been posting.

coming soon a book haul (again! i have problem) and some book reviews.

do you guys have any Oscar favorites? or movies that you think deserved to be nominated but didn't? i have to say my favorite movie from last year was The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but sadly movies like that don't ever make it to the Academy Awards.


  1. I agree, Perks was my favorite! I just got it on DVD last week and have already watched it twice. I wish it had gone to the Awards but oh well. I can still appreciate it (and I'll probably watch it again this week).


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