August 17, 2013

I didn't know what I was doing half the time. (Interior Decor Inspiration)

i'm moving in little over two weeks! i got a really nice loft apartment in an old tile factory build in the late 1800. it's right by the river and close to the city center and i'm really happy and excited. so for the past week or so i've been just thinking about how i want the place to look and what i need to get (pretty much everything!) i thought i'd share with you some of my decor inspirations. i'm really impatient and i need to constantly calm myself down and remind me that it will take a while to get everything i want/need and for the place to look like i want it to. i'm planning on bying most things used cause i like old things and that way i'll save some money too. but i'm also really picky so i'd rather not have something than just accept things that i don't really like. suddenly everyone i know seems to want to donate their old things that are just taking up space to me and i'm really bad at saying no but i'm trying. this is the first time i'll be living completely alone and i just want to make the place look like my own.

things that i really like:
  • old furniture, pretty much anything made before the 80's.
  • bright colors and earthy tones.
  • big, massive rugs!
  • round kitchen tables.
  • wood.
  • clutter and books.
if anyone of you has any good design blogs you like, please share them in the comments! i'm currently addicted to Moon to moon, it's everything i love!


  1. Ooo, I'm so excited for you! Getting your own place to decorate is fun, and it does take a little time. We've been here three months or so, but I still don't have the place looking exactly like I want. Someday, though. I'm excited to see how it comes along. It sounds like it's in a lovely area too--I'm slightly jealous!


your comments feed my blog, so thanks for the supper! :>