December 8, 2009

hey steven i could give you 50 reasons why i should be the one you choose.

hi. my name is Satu, but most people call me Stu. i'm 22 years old photography student from finland, who dreams big but doesn't really need that much to be happy. i'm a major dork and i Love everything Science Fiction. Live Long and Prosper. May The Force Be With You. and all that Stuff. i'm a fan of time traveling and i'd love to be The Doctors next companion, or future Mrs. Spock. i'm random, i love to make crafts, write Letters, send and receive any kind of nice mail. i think Autumn is my soulmate. i watch too much movies, follow too many tv-shows and read way too much for my own good! i like simple things, i try to live spontaneously, but sometimes i fail. i'm a fan of drug-free life and i like my mind clear and sober. i'd rather try to be a silly crazy funny person without any substance. this Blog is about my random life and stuff i make and create. or at least that's what i had planned for it. then again, life never goes the way it's planned, so expect anything. cause Everything is Possible.


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