December 15, 2009

you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.

hello there my fellow readers. today, or night it actually is already, i'm gonna share my room with you. why? cause i'm bored and idk. just because. anyway, i live in this shared apartment thing, it's kind of a like a dorm, but not quite. i share this place with 2 other students, and we have a common kitchen/bathroom.

this is what you see when you first come in

i have Friends poster on my door. i love that show!

the room from the otherside.
my table, and my bed again.

opposite to the bed and stuff.

i spend most of my time here, when i'm home. writing letters, doing stuff, surfing on the net etc.

stuff on my table. and why yes that's a supernatural desktop i'm using right now.

some cans that hold my post-its and stickers. a globe that i got from a fleamarket for 1€. it's not very accurate. finland is this sguare and it says that the population of helsinki is over 1 million, it's not, it's a little over 500 000. then there's my Wreck This Journal. i need to post sometime some things i've done in it. and then there's an out going letter that i sent today.

better look at the cans. i love these kind of cute stuff.

i love Hello Kitty too. the photo in the back is a polaroid of my favorite bands singer, Ola Salo from The Ark. that photo was taken in 2005 by some photographer who gave it to me. after the gig i got it signed.

stuff above my desk. there's postcards from Malmö Opera, where i went to see Jesus Christ Superstar with my friends. then there's drawing of Bob Dylan my friend drew. some random spider things and my tv-schedule. i'm an addict.

close up from the Dylan drawing.

i have this little drawer next to my table that holds all my penpal stuff and craft supplies. on top of it there's some stationery cause i've been writing a lot of letter lately. then there's a pile of letters i need to respond to. that heart thing is a paperweight. those little hello kitty bags holds my computer stuff such as usb-wires and a memorycard reader. then there's my Batman pencil case and a little box that has paper clips in it.

my bed again. it's very comfy. i have to little friends living with me, a pink panther named Lasse and a my little pony, named Tahiti Pete. my friend gave them some kick-ass names!

Lasse used to be much more pink, but he's and old fellow now. like 20 or something. Tahiti Pete is much younger, i got him like 3 years ago.

above my bed i have these framed magazine pages of Bob Dylan and Cat Power. those small Bob Dylan cards are from this Bob Dylan collection box set i have.

i got this Taking Woodstock poster for free! i went to see it, for free, cause my friend had won some tickets, and after the movie, there was some "after party" thing at 70's themed bar, and we got these posters from there.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite movies. i was gonna buy a Star Trek poster, but then i thought that this one would go so much better with my room, and with the woodstock poster. so i ended up bying this one.

here's the table next to my bed. it's my tv/nightstand. there's some stuff i'm reading/watching atm. the november issue of Nylon magazine, Antonement, Home Alone and Hairspray.

on top of the tv and stuff there's remotes and a very random Tiger head! i found it a while ago, and it's just a head, i don't think it ever was a part of a tigger-body, or any body in that matter. and i think it used to make a wheezy sound, but it doesn't anymore.

my bookcase that has way too much stuff on it.

on the first shelf there's complete seasons of Friends, Gilmore Girls and Queer as Folk Uk. also a my little pony, i used to collect them, some vintage camreas, i collect them now, and a stuffed toy i found.

second shelf & more dvd's. i really want a lot more tho. then there's an other my little pony, a view master, some cameras(i'm in love with that red Konica Pop), an Ozzy Osbourne toy my friend gave me for my birthday. no i'm not an ozzy fan, it's just a very random thing my friend bought me. then there's a Sonic Screwdriver(a thing from Docotr Who)! i Love it! it got it from the same friend i got the ozzy from, as an early christmas present.

my little pony & the view master little closer.

oh i just love my random sutff!
my books. i want more, but if i buy a one more book idk where i'm gonna put it! then there's some cute candles and some stuff i've received from Swap-bot swaps.

the cards where from a Spock christmascard swap where you send a card that said Live Long And Prosper, that's why the other card has an elf with spock ears! there's also a matchbox that i got from a swap.

cute candles are my weak spot

more books. and cameras!

that camera in the middle used to belong to my grandfather.

one of my favorite ponies! and a cute lip palm and the cutest parfume bottle ever!

my cds, more vintage cameras, some paper and stuff.

that Dylan box set i talked about, it's not there like that cause i want people to notice it, it's just too big to go with the rest of my cds.

my yellow dresser. i love this thing! it hides so much junk, it's very convenient. it's from ikea, actually all my furniture are, except my bed and chair. the ikea bag on the left holds some christmaspresent i've bought, on the other side there's a bag for my camre and my vacuum i have no other place for.

stuff on top of the dresser. candles are Love. then theres some jars that used to hold my jewelry and pins, but not anymore. need to find some other use for them. then there's a fake Hamlet book that is actually a tin. some polaroid cameras, a tree thing that holds my jewelry now, a weird umbrella dish that holds my pins, a photo of my niece and nephew, a cute elf in ajar my niece&nephew made a year ago/when they were 2 and 4 years old).

polaroid cameras are my favorites. too bad i can't find the film anywhere anymore. i know they don't do it anymore, sadly, but i haven't been able to even get the last ones that are still left out there somehwere. but they sure look good.
the wird umbrella dish. i bought it from a flea market cause it was so random.

petter pic of my nephew Jesse 5 years, and niece Jonna 3 years. oh i adore them.

a fairy statue i bought from Stockholm in 2007. i just broke it few days ago! as you can see, her other wing is broken. i need to buy some super glue and try to fix her.

i love jewelry, but i hardly ever wear any. i should learn to wear them again.

i found this Pulp cd, Different Class, in fleamarket, that had these awesome cards! i already had the cd as a deluxe edition, so i gave it to my friend, and kept the card and put them on my closet doors.

Hello Kitty photoframes on my window frame.
christmas lights, or what ever these are called, on my window.

and last, my view, in the morning. now it's very dark, like it is most of the day. but there's snow! i don't think i've had a white christmas in 3 years. this year i might have!

okay. hope you enjoyed this. comments are love. bye.


  1. I LOVE your blog, I'll be here all the time.
    I'd give a finger for that Woodstock poster, I love your photos, really. I'll add you if you allow me. I think you are a penpaller, tell me if I am wrong, so cheers! I am too.

    Have a great 2010!

    Greetings from Portugal,

  2. oh thank you Joana! i'm just getting started with this blogging thing. it's addictive.
    and yes i'm a penpaller. letters are Love.

    i just started following your blog too. looks awesome.


  3. Thank you Stu (may I call you Stu? I suppose it is a short name ^^)

    It's addictive but sometimes I feel bored because people most of the time do the following thing, but never back to the blog to comment and take a look. And what can I tell when we write and no one looks to like to want to read nowadays, pictures are awesome, but there are more than that.

    Thank you



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