December 26, 2009

we're all trekkies now.

stu's year in Music.

Michael Bublé^
2009 music survey;

What song sums up 2009 for you?
Markus Krunegård - Hela Livet Var Ett Disco

What albums did you listen to over and over?
  • Crazy Love by Michael Bublé
  • Lev Som En Gris Dö Som En Hund by Markus Krunegård
  • Prinsen Av Peking by Markus Krunegård
  • Crossing The Rubicon by The Sounds
  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack
  • 500 Days Of Summer soundtrack
  • Dylan (deluxe Edition) by Bob Dylan
  • Star Trek soundtrack
Kelly Clarkson^

What was the best gig you went to?
sadly, there weren't too many good gigs this year. but Tehosekoitin at Ruisrock was awesome, The Sounds at Kaapelitehdas this December, was amazing too. still the best gig of this year was The Guild at Bar Loose. the energy, the feeling, the love i feel for this underrated swedish folk rock group, you can't measure it. plus you know, the vocalist, Sylvester Schlegel, better known as the drummer from The Ark, he is brilliant!

What songs did you have on repeat?
  • My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
  • Hela Livet Var Ett Disco by Markus Krunegård
  • Hurricane by Bob Dylan
  • Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé
  • I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson
  • You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
  • Take A Bow by Rihanna
  • Beatbox by The Sounds
  • Laughing With by Regina Spektor
  • Star Wars Theme
  • Let's Start A Band by Amy Mcdonald
  • I Must Belong Somewhere by Bright Eyes
  • Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
Taylor Swift^
What was your best musical discovery this year?
Taylor Swift, why yes i'm serious. This country/pop singer is amazing! she's sweet, her voice is amazing and she makes her own music! i'm weak for country music, and young female artists who are not on tabloids all the time(or never!) cause of something stupid they did while they were drunk/high etc. also Regina Spektor, her new album Far is the best she has ever done. and The Smiths too! these aren't really new discoveries, just something i learned to like this year.

What 5 musicians/bands did you listen to the most? says; Cat Power, Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé , Laakso, Bob Dylan.

What was the best CD you bought?
i bought Bob Dylan's Dylan Deluxe Edition Box Set. it was used and cheap, but still, best cd i bought this year.

Regina Spektor^
Did you buy any music DVDs this year?
no, but for Christmas i got Queen + Paul Rogers Live in Ukraine. i'm not really that into the whole Queen thing after Mr. Mercury, but i think it was sweet mom even knew to buy this for me, plus i'm curious about it too. is it really as bad as i think.

What are the best lyrics you heard this year?
Laughing With by Regina Spektor. they're touching, beautiful and makes you think. "no one laughs at God when the doctor calls after some routine tests. no one’s laughing at God when it’s gotten real late and their kid’s not back from the party yet."

Did you stop liking any musicians/bands?
not too sure if it happened this year, but i'm really not that into Placebo anymore, nor My Chemical Romance. they still have some great songs, i just really don't listen to them anymore. also Mew's new album was a huge disappointment.

Lady Gaga^

Did you learn an instrument this year? If so, did you play any gigs?
no, when it comes to music, i'm only talented as an audience.

What band did you hate this year?
Lady Gaga, absolutely! to me, she is not unique at all! she is a very well thought business idea, a product. with quirky costumes and weird performances, but very mainstream music. Poker Face is the worst song i've heard in years!

Did you have a musical guilty pleasure this year?

well, someone could say Taylor Swift, but it's actually more than that.

What was the worst song of the year?
Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

Kanye West & Taylor Swift at VMA

What was the coolest music video you saw this year?
does tv-show stuff count?! well i have to say, guys of Glee performing It's My Life/Confessions pt. II smash-up was amazing!

Did you watch Idol/the arias/grammys/mtv awards?
well no, but cause of the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident i watched ridiculous amounts of VMA videoclips! i really felt for Taylor, she is so sweet and Beyoncé was amazing too for asking Taylor back to the stage, and she got to thank her fans. after all this was a first time for a country artist to win at VMA.

What was the worst musical comeback of the past year?
what comebacks even happened this year? idk.

What was the best musical comeback of the year?
does Rihanna count? i've never really been a fan of her music, until recently i fell in love with Take a Bow. and now i really like the new album too. why it was a best comeback, is cause how strong she came back after what Chris Brown did to her.

 Markus Krunegård^

Who were your favourite female vocalists?
Cat Power, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Regina Spektor, Emmylou Harris, Maja Ivarsson(The Sounds),
Who were your favourite male vocalists?
Markus Krunegård, Michael Bublé, Ola Salo(The Ark), Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst(Bright Eyes)

What radio station did you listen to most?
Radio Nova, i really don't listen to radio, but this is the one i usually listen when i'm driving, which happens like every other month.

What was the biggest band you saw this year?
Antony & The Johnsons, almost forgot that one! amazing gig.

If you have one, how often did you listen your iPod/mp3 player this year?
well i have mp3 player in my phone. got it last August, and after that i've been listening to it almost every day. mostly while on my way somewhere.

What was your favourite soundtrack to a film this year?

Star Trek and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist^

What was your favourite music themed film you saw this year?
well, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. i saw it this summer and now it's absolutely one of my favorite movies of all time.

What was the best local band you heard/saw this year?
well, i consider every band from Finland, local, so i'd say Tehosekoitin. specially cause it was an exlusive summer tour only, the band split up in 2004.

Did you meet any famous musicians?
Sylvester Schlegel!

Did you put up any music posters around your room/house?
framed some magazine pages of Cat Power and Bob Dylan.

Totalled, how much do you think you spent on music this year (cds, merch, tickets, etc)?
very little comparing to some other years. i'd say around 200€.

What type of music did you find yourself listening to most this year?
folk & country, as always. then some rock, pop and especially female vocalists.

Cat Power^

Best song to be happy to you listened to this year?
Dance Anthem Of The 80's by Regina Spektor. it just makes me wanna dance. and i like the lyrics too; "and i  am one of your people but the cars don't stop. and i am one of your people but the cars don't stop. and it's been a long time since before i've been touched, now i'm getting touched all the time. and it's only a matter of whom and it's only a matter of when."

Best song to be sad to you listened to this year?
The Scientist cover by Danny Lohner and Johnette Napolitano, made for Wicker Park soundtrack.

Band/singer with the best style this year?
Cat Power, always and forever. i love how she can be all trashy, lady, rock star & a country girl at the same. she mostly seems to wear casual shirts, plaid shirts, jeans and some really cool shoes. i love her hair. i just adore her style. plus she has done some modeling for Chanel too, i'm not the only one who adores her style!

What shows are you looking forward to in the new year?
well, there's gonna be a new The Ark album, and a massive tour, so it's gonna be all The Ark next year, probably not much of nothing else. but if someone very special comes here(other than those delicious swedish guys) i'm not gonna say no, nor think money, just go see all the great bands/artist that end up coming here.

Did you buy any band merchandise this year?
i bought The Sounds t-shirt.

Did you pirate any music this year?

never! okay a bit, but thanks to Spotify, i hardly ever do that anymore.

The Ark^

Did you miss out on going to any really good concerts this year?
well if i was rich, i so would have flown to London to see Blur at Hyde Park.

What was the last gig you went to?
The Sounds at Kaapelitehdas.

How many songs are on your computer/itunes?

maybe 2000, not that much anymore, thanks to spotify.

What are you listening to now?

Calleth You, Cometh I by The Ark


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