July 4, 2010

that's the plan, rule the world, you and me, anyday.

even tho work has kept me busy it doesn't mean i havent had time for small adventures.

i got some visitors last week. my godson Jesse, 5 years, is an awesome guy to hang out with.

everyday things such as the underground seems so much more interesting through the eyes of a 5 year old.

and snakes on a train is so much better than snakes on a plane!

2 days in a heating city exhausted even the best of us.

so spending few days in the peace&quiet of the country side was not a bad idea.

Jesse's little sister joined us while we were celebrating Midsummer at my parents place.

and what's not more fun than sit outside and paint faces to rocks!

had to come back to Helsinki earlies this week but i hope to do more awesome summer stuff with these two who i absolutely adore. i hope everyone's having a nice July and that summer is shining where ever you guys are. next week this time i'll be at Ruisrock listening to some very good music! can't wait.


  1. Awwww vähän toi on taas vaan söpöstyny. Ja ihanat kuvatekstit!


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