July 18, 2010

cause yeah everybody here got somebody to lean on.

the highlight of my busy summer will most definitely be the legenday music festival in Turku, Finland called Ruisrock. it's kind of a tradition, especially if certain swedes are performing there. well last Sunday was kind of a Perfect Day. weather was more than good, it was Hot Hot Hot but no-one got sunburned, i think. i saw some great bands and just had a great time. i'd love to share tons of pictures with you but weirdly, i'm like the worlds laziest photographers when it comes to events that i'm attending, so i'm just gonna borrow some pictures from Ruisrock's official page (don't worry, it says there that it's okay)..

(©Mari Herrala)
So, he is one of the swedes i was talking about. if you don't know what band i'm talking about, well they're called The Ark. seriously, check them out! they're Awesome.

(©Tomi Palsa)
i also got to see Florence + The Machine. three words; Oh My God. i was absolutely exhausted cause of the long day in the sun and The Ark kind of wore me out, but Florence was so awesome i still had to jump around. a good good show, really need to go to see them again.

i was kinda sad i didn't get to see Flogging Molly, i've seen them before once but i still would have liked to see tem. just had to stay in front of the stage where The Ark was performing, cause well i wanna be in the front row. but while waiting them i got to see some Finnish talents.. Popeda (i think i'm damaged for life..) and Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu. i really enjoyed the last one. they're kinda awesome. also i was sad not to see Regina Spektor, there was too little time between The Ark & Florence so i just skipped it. tho idk if it would have been a good show. Reginas cellist died few days before the gig and she and the band were really down. anyway, that was one awesome day, this week i've been back to work and it is so hot! i hate it. i want autumn and i want vacation (i don't hate work, i just haven't had a real vacation in a year). oh well, few months and i'll have mine.

also, i saw a hedgehog the other day! those are like the cutest things ever.

 or does someone disagree?!

when i saw it, or him.. or her(?) i was actually going to take pictures of the sky cause it looked awesome!

 sometimes nature can just simply take your breath away.

very random blog entry but i'm trying to post something more than once a month. haha. okay bye. 


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