July 21, 2010

if i jump, will i survive?

when someone says the name Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight is probably the first thing that comes to your minds. well, as a huge movie geek, i have to, shamefully admit, i've never seen what people call the Best Batman movie ever made (i should take care of that, tho). what i think, is the brilliant Memento from 2000, and how no matter how many times i watch it, it always amazes me. so, when a man behind the supposedly best Batman movie jumps into the world of science fiction and dreams, Inception is exactly what you should expect. it's a movie with plot so complex, that even trying to explain it, would make me, and the movie, sound ridicilous. and maybe the less you know the better. just the amazing cast (Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt..) and mind blowingly beautiful visual effects should give you enough reason to go see this movie, and i mean it, go see this movie in the theaters, your lame ass plasma tv, no matter how big, won't do it justice. i'll give you my word, this 200 million dollar megamovie won't be just an other boring action piece that you will forget about as soon as you get out of the theater. coming out of Inception is like waking up from a dream that felt real while you were dreaming and only when you woke up you realized something was actually strange.


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