September 27, 2010

tell me where am i supposed to go and who am i supposed to believe.

new autumn-ish layout. and i could tell you the same thing i always do, that i'll try to post more. but well, i wont. say that. may post more, or not. my internship finished little over a week ago and now i'm on my 'summer' vacation, spending two weeks at my folks place watching tv-show premieres and just hanging. and well, i'm quite bored so i thought i'd do this We Heart It survey. and maybe later this week i'll post some pictures i've been taking lately..

The Hair You Would Die For?
i think i'll do something like this the next time i go to a hair salon.

Your Dream Place to Live?
 London (hopefully in fall 2011)
New York City, New York
Nashville, Tennessee

Clothes You Would Like To Wear?
i'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, who likes nerdy things. and pretty shoes.

The Way You Would Like To Spend Most Of Your Days?
 taking pictures. eating. chilling with music, movies and books.

Things You Would Like To Have?
 random cute stuff. zachary quinto(okay he isn't a thing, but he is too hot, i need to have him). tattoos. more books.

Person You Would Love To Look Like?
 Cat Power. Amber Tamblyn. Taylor Swift.


  1. Very cool layout and a great post :)

  2. satu sä oot ihana! oon ihan rakastunut tähän merkitään.

    ja muuten aion tilata ton hupparin. haluuks kans?

  3. aww thanks Bianca!

    joo silja tilataan! keskustellaan asiasta lisää kun tuun kotiin ensviikolla. oon salaa vähän aatellu et sä kuitenki lankeet tohon paitaan ja sit voidaan tehä kimppatilaus :D.


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