September 28, 2010

time turns flames to embers, you'll have new septembers.

like i said, i might try to be a better blogger, or not, and i'm still not promising anything, but this is me trying. and like i said, i'm visiting my parents, enjoying my little vacation i have until i (voluntarily) go back to school in October. so, here are some little random moments from my visit.

this is my Home Sweet Home. was build in 1946 by my late grandfather and grandmother. and i can say it's still not exactly finished. but it's Home.

and at home there's always some company! even if mom&dad are working and my little brother is in a middle of a serious Halo marathin or something. this is our newest familymemeber, Kissa. yep, our cat's name is cat in finnish. i'd like to say it's cause Holly Golightly never named her cat in Breakfast at Tiffany's but it's just cause we never really gave him a name, and now it's too late, it's been 4 years.

paws are cute.

this is Nöpö (oh that name is lame.. maybe we ought not to name our pets, ever). he looks like a little sweetheart in this picture but he is quite stubborn and a wayward creature.

Lara is a Grand Old Lady, almost 11 years but she can still kick both Nöpö's and Kissa's asses.

sometimes i swear i live in the same house Augusten Burroughs grew up in.. we still had christmas lights on the window. and they're like the ugliest ones you can possibly find. this house is slightly crazy. in a less disturbing way tho than the housewhere you could run with scissors.

this is why i love autumn. apples. apple pie. pie! colors and the smell.

and di i mention, apples!

and the colors.

and mushrooms! well actually i don't like mushrooms. my sisters kids have recently learned that you can actually eat stuff you find from the forest, so now they're convinced we should make mushroom soup, from these. good thing is they realize, that some things are poisonous...

random. but reflections are pretty

okay this as exiting as life gets in a little town. but it's a nice change for the city. when you don't have to stay too long.


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