November 7, 2010

525 600 minutes, how do you measure a year in life? how about Love, measure in love.

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so i just strated to really get into this blogging thing, i was making posts quite regurlaly, i think. well, those days are over, since i managed to broke my computer, by pouring a 'little' milk on it. and now it will take at least a month for my financial situation to allow me to buyy a new one. nice.. well, at least my brothers computer genius friend managed to save all my files! that's something. anyway, this is me saying goodbye till December. 


  1. hei kiva kun liityit lukemaan! :) ja kiva kun kommetoit, vastailin pitemmin tuonne sun kommentin perään! Hirmusesti zemppiä tulevaa. Ulkomailla on ihanaa opiskella! :)



your comments feed my blog, so thanks for the supper! :>