January 29, 2011

i don't wat your Happiness, i don't need your Happiness.

it's been such a week! first we had a little mojito party last saturday among few friends (i should post some photos). then i saw I'm Still Here at Docpoint which was amazing. on wednesday i went to see amazing British band Hurts and we ended up partying with the band afterwards. well, i'm awkward with those kind of situations, i feel stupid to talk to them cause it's like i'm only talking to you cause you're famous. so i only really talked to Theo Hutchcraft for like few minutes. yet it still was one hell of a night! and today i went to see The King's Speech which was amazing (i'll write about it tomorrow), i really hope Colin Firth gets his Oscar. so it's been a busy week, and i've been lazy with school, but sometimes you gotta just live, right?!


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