January 25, 2011

i'm a mountain top water drop.

i'm still here 
director: Casey Affleck
writers: Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix 
in 2008 Joaquin Phoenix was on top of his game when he announced he was retiring from acting to pursue his dream to become a rapper. his transformation from handsome Hollywood star into a puffy homeless looking man made the tabloids go wild. while his brother-in-law Casey Affleck caught all this in film. for two years Phoenix and Affleck kept the world wondering, whether it was all just a hoax, or if Phoenix really did 'lose his mind' and suddenly turned into this mumbling man we all saw on David Letterman. but the fact that this movie is a mockumentary, rather than documentary, doesn't make it less real. it's a story of the tragedy of fame, and who else would be better to tell this story than Affleck and Phoenix, both of them have been involved with the business long enough to have an opinnion of its cruelty. Phoenix who watched his brother become famous and then succumb under the pressure of being a celebrity, does his role as 'JP' perfectly. while watching the movie, i knew that what i saw was scripted, yet i still kept wondering 'is this real'. it's a sad story of loosing your self in the limelight, trying to find your way back to your true self. in the beginning Joaquin Phoenix said he was tired of doing the role of Joaquin Phoenix, and i think thats the essence of I'm Still Here. fame is always just a role, we don't really know the singers and actors who spent their days sharing their lives yet still trying to protect their privacy as musch as they can. all celebrity really is, is a role you play, the trick is not to lose your self into that role.


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