January 9, 2011

i thought it was my faith, i was only waiting for the sky to fall down.

i finally have a new computer. it's been long few months in wich i have;

gone to a cruise to celebrate my sisters birthday. we drank (in spite of the assumptions from the photos, not that much tho), ate and saw Stockholm in the dawn.

made a crafty journal for a swap-bot swap and christmas cards.

celbrated christmas by baking, eating and with my family. Jesse & Jonna are the best at decorating christmas trees. true story.

and celebrated the beginning of 2011 with my sister and her family. listened to stories from toothless Jesse, watched fire works with Jesse & Jonna, who soon got bored and decided to play in the snow instead.

i hope this year i will have more time and will to blog. i also want to eat better (as always!) and i really hope this is the year when everything changes and the life i've been dreaming about for years, begins. not that there's really anything wrong with my life right now, i just wanna accomplish some dreams this year!
i hope the beginning of 2011 has been good for you and that this will be te year of Magic, for all of us.


your comments feed my blog, so thanks for the supper! :>