August 2, 2011

all the trouble went away, and it wasn't just a dream.

i went and interrupted the perfect Cat Nap.

and i think he might have gotten a little mad.


  1. SUCH adorable pictures. ♥ And what a cute cat. :)

  2. Nyyh, onpas Valtsu kasvanu. :') Harmi etten kerinny nähä sitä ku se oli vielä pieni katinpoikanen.

  3. Tanja: aww thanks!

    windipence: musta tuntuu etten mäkään kunnolla kerinny sitä nähä kun se oli vielä pieni. tai se vaan kasvo silleen oho aina siinä välissä kun olin Helsingissä.

  4. Hei! My she-cat Shiva is pretty similar to that one and guess what she is just taking a nap close to me in my bed and she is almost falling from the bed, a little move and oops... poor girl. Yesterday a neighbour's dog came in our little garden and barked close to the front window where she was, she got so scared that while running she broke an entire nail and damaged others. -.-

    Great photos!


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