October 11, 2011

stay tuned to my love, it's never gonna end, it's never gonna end.

first, let's gather all the things that we're gonna need:
1. thick paper/cardboard that you don't have other use for.
2. a postcard or other square object of the size you want the envelope to be. or you can use a ruler.
3. paper for the envelopes, what ever you want to use. i'm using cutouts from magazines and an old map of New York.
4. Glue, scissors, a ruler and a pen.

1. First we're gonna make a template out of the cardboard, which you can use over and over again. Draw two squares on top of each other using the postcard or a ruler. they should be exacatly alike. then draw a strip on each side of the top square. then draw a triangle on top of the top square (it can be an other form too if you like, like a half circle etc.). and if you like you can make a small curve on the bottom square so that it will be easier to get the letter out of the envelope.
2. Cut the template out.

3. now put the template on top of the paper you want to make the envelope of, but put it on the opposite side than what you want to be the cover. then trace it with a pen. 
4. cut the envelope out and fold the bottom square on top of the top one, then fold the strips and the top triangle. use a ruler to help you fold everything straight. after everything's folded, apply glue on the strips and fold the bottom square on top of them.

and there you have your cool & original DIY envelopes!i hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial! i plan on doing more these. maybe i could share some of my photography & photoshop tips too. stay tuned and let me know what you think.


  1. cool. easy & practical. thanks for sharing.

    hope you have a sweet october.


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