November 4, 2011

you can be my alphabet and i will be your calculator.

about three weeks ago i turned 24, started working in a public library (oh books, books books!) and baked this years first christmas cookies! i have also been listening a lot of Michael Buble's new Christmas album, which is great by the way. and last week i went to friggin Iceland! so stay tuned for posts A Guide to Iceland & A Guide to Reykjavik by yours truly. anyway, i just thought i'd say a quick hello since it's been a while.

shoes that were a birthday present.

christmas cookies omnomnom!

hhave a nice weekend you all!


  1. Oh I love your cookie cutters. I have a thing about reindeers.

  2. The cookie cutters are from Ikea! i think they're adorable, and when i bake christmas cookies with them it's not too christmas-y just yet (which wouldn't bother me but people already think me as a crazu christmas person... :D)



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