December 17, 2011

You cannot find peace by avoiding life.

My grandmother, Tyyne, passed away exactly 2 years ago today. She was 90 years old and had one of those lives you could write a book about. She served in two wars (Winter War & Continuation War) and fell in love with a soldier named Aamos. After the  last war, they got married, bought a piece of land and build a house together. They dreamed of a big family, but because of a disease Tyyne got at the end of the second war, that was nearly the end of her, they thought they couldn't have any children. So Tyyne spend her time helping other people with their farms and families and children, but then, when my grandparents were almost in their 40's, they had my dad. My grandmother was a wise, loving but also a tough woman who was one of the most amazing people i have ever know. After she died, i inherited her old photographs, and there are must be hundreds of them. To honor her and this day i thought i'd share few of my favorites with you.

Tyyne's parents, her father died in 1925, the same year this picture was taken, and her mother in 1942.

This is an old photo of Turku, the city where i lived the first 18 years of my life. this photo was taken in 1926. here's how Turku looks like now.

These are Tyyne's uncles from her mothers side. i really love the light in these photos.

The first picture of Tyyne and Aamos togehter.

Here's my dad when he was 5 years old. my sisters son looks a lot like him.

My dad's on the right and on left of him is his cousin.

and here's the whole family with Tyyne's brother.

And last is my all time favorite. There's something so beautiful and serene about this photo that i really love.

do you have any old photos that you cherish? what about interesting stories about your grandparents/other relatives? i hope you liked this post, i thought i'd do something little different. also, you can find the amazing lace brushes i've used in these from Nadine Pau's deviantart.


  1. Pöö! Ekaa kertaa kommentoin sun blogissa :D Katoin just tota sun iskän lapsuuskuvaa silleen "on kyl vähän samanlainen hymy ku Jessel.." ja BÄNG kuvateksti :D Mutta hei, voitko kertoo mulle että MIKÄ NÄIDEN SUN PÄIVITYSTEN OTSIKKOFONTTI ON (miks caps lockasin koko jutun, kuulostaa jotenkin tosi vihaselta) sillä se on Täydellinen <333

  2. Se on Lobster-fontti! ja niin on kyllä aikas ihana. tosin se oli tässä ulkoasussa valmiina joka on täältä. tosin oon sitte ite muokannu tätä ulkoasua vähäsen lisää.


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