December 7, 2011

rockin around the christmas tree!

i'm very deeply in Love with both music & christmas, two things that go very well together. i'm the person who starts listening to christmas records after Halloween, and i never complain about how radio stations and stores start to play christmas music from mid-November, no, i just get really happy, joyful and in the Christmas Spirit with the amazing christmas music! so i thought i'd share some of my favorite Christmas Records with you, so here's 5 of my Favorite Christmas Records:

Michael Buble: Christmas
My favorite Canadian released a wonderful christmas album this fall. it's warm and sincere, you can hear that Mr. Bublé really Loves the holidays. Consists such traditional songs as White Christmas and Silent night and also a new song called Cold December Night, written by the man himself.

The Hotel Café presents Winter Songs

Absolutely one of my favorite Christmas albums of all time, has various songs from traditional songs to more modern ones performed by such artists as Fiona Apple, KT Tunstall and Meiko.

Bing Crosby: Merry Christmas

a classic that always gets me into the Holiday Spirit! White Christmas sang by Crosby is my all time favorite Chrismtas Song, it's magical.

A Very She & Him Christmas

this album could also be called A Very Indie Christmas, so this album is for you who are not into the most traditional type of Christmas, or who want something new and different. the songs maybe traditional and familiar, but sang by these two very unique, lovely personalities, they're fresh and fun!

Bob Dylan: Christmas in the Heart

in 2009 i got a very special Birthday Present from Mr. Dylan himself, when he released this amazing Christmas Album on my birthday (yes, clearly he did it for me. a girl can dream). and ever since i have loved this album, Bob's voice just works with all the songs, this is what i listen to when i wanna be totally calm and relaxed. i also Love the fact that all Dylan's royalties will go for charity, to help the homeless & hungry. i read an intervied where Bob said  christmas is so worldwide and everybody can relate to it in their own way. and that's what christmas has always been for me, making it my own kind of Holiday.

i hope you'll enjoy these tunes and i'd love to know What are your favorite Christmas Records/songs? stay tuned for my Best Movies to Watch during the Holidays -list!


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