February 3, 2012

i'll be your Emmylou and i'll be your June.

A - Away We Go | a couple trying to figure out where to settle down and start a family. | drama/comedy
B - Blue Valentine | a movie about the beginning and an end of a relationship. | drama
C - Control | the story of Ian Curtis' tragic life. | biography
D - Daydream Nation | girl gets entangled in a love triangle with her high-school teacher and a classmate. | drama
E - Exit Through The Gift Shop | the story of Baksy that turned out to be about someone else. | documentary
F - Fantastic Mr. Fox | one fox terrorising the most powerful farmers, and vice versa. | animation

G - Garden State | a man returns to his home town after being away for nine years, to bury his mother. |drama/comedy
H - Happythankyoumoreplease | Young New Yorkers figuring out love and growing up. |drama/comedy
I - Indise I'm Dancing | a crippled young man refuses to let his condition defy how to live his life. | drama
J - Juno | teenage girl gets pregnant and decides to give her baby for adoption. | drama/comedy
K - Kick-Ass | a  teenage boy with no special talents decides to become a Superhero. | action
L - Lars and the Real Girl | Lars orders a doll from the internet and falls in love with it. |drama/comedy

M - The Messenger | after being injured in Iraq Will is assigned to Casualty Notification Team to finnish his enslistment. | drama
N - Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist | in New York's summer night Nick and Norah are trying to find their way to a mysterious gig. | comedy
O - Once Upon a Time in the West | a young woman tries to find out who murdered her family and her husband. | western
P - Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory | three innocent men convicted for murders were released after spending 18 years in prison. | documentary
Q - The Queen | a look into the lives of British Monarchy after Princess Diana's death. | biography
R - RENT | one year in the life of New York bohemians stuggling with love, life, poverty, aids and drugs. | musical

S - Star Trek | the beginning of the classic tale of the crew of USS Enterprise. | science fiction
T - Two Lovers | a young man torn between a woman his family wishes he'd marry and an adventurous woman who moves next door. | drama
U - Up | 78 year old widow decides to fulfill his life long dream to see the wilds of South America. | animation
V - V for Vendetta | Freedom fighter known as V starst a revolution in future Great Britain. | action
W - Winter's Bone | teenage girl tries to track down her drug-dealing father in order to save the home of her family. | drama
X - X-Men: First Class | how Charles Xavier turned into Professor X and became archenemies with his former best friend. | science fiction
Y - Young Frankenstein | Dr. Frankenstein's grandson inherits his castle and begins to repeat his experiments. | comedy
Z - Zodiac | a fictionalized story of one of the most famous serial killers of all time, the Zodiac Killer. |crime


  1. What a great list - I'll definitely be coming back here whenever it's time to choose a film for the evening!

  2. Love this so much Stu! LOVE! Such a wonderful idea and it has left me with a big bundle of movies I need to look up! I will have to see how many letters I get through of my own favourites.

  3. @Fiona thank you! i hope you like what ever you'll end up watching :>!

    @Bianca J thanks! i love lists and i lovie movies :D so this post was really fun to make. i've been thinking more of ABC-lists like this one to post.


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