June 6, 2013

forget the haters cause somebody loves ya. (instagram update)

summer came quickly. two months ago i was getting frustrated with the snow that just kept coming and coming. the spring was cold but short and then it was suddenly warm, a bit too hot even and the world was alive again. green and blossoming everywhere. i'm an autumn person, but i've been really enjoying the beginning of the summer too. here's little moments via instagram.

1. very late breakfast, oatmeal with blueberries.
2. the city looked beautiful when i was getting home after Star Trek Into Darkness premiere (loved the movie btw!)
3. reading outside!
4. gorgeously majestic clouds after summer rain.
5. having few drinks by the river.
6. getting excited for summer plan! going to see Josh Ritter in July, in Ireland! few days before that, going to see Watsky in Netherlands!

what are your summer plans?


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