June 17, 2013

Love in the 90's was paranoid! (Provinssirock 2013)

Last weekend was an adventure. Filled with gray, rainy weather, great bands and great friends. I went to the first big music festival of the summer, Provinssirock, held in a small city in the middle of nowhere. i got to see my newest band love, Bastille, who were awesome! but the reason for my going there was to make my 90's dreams come true. Blur was one of my favorite bands in the late 90's and i still love them dearly, so i absolutely had to go and see them live. they were pretty awesome! after the day of the festival me and my friends slept on the cold floor of the train station where i tried to dry my shoes and sweater. i thought i was way too old for that and kept dreaming of a comfy hotel bed. but i want to believe one is never too old to go see bands and dance and scream and have fun and to sleep on station floor no matter how cold and hard it is. and sometimes there's not enough money for hotel rooms or proper food but you go anyway. cause you don't get too old to have adventures.


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